I don’t think Mattel realizes the good influence they could be having over the young girls and boys who play with them… Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself when I go to sleep at night. Otherwise, how else do you justify seeing yet another Barbie being manufactured that has so much promise to promote strong, empowered, healthy, young girls and boys that are happy in their own skin, fall short of that potential.

It’s not that hard. Make barbies that represent real, tangible, and sensible characteristic of real girls and boys, real men and women, real people!

I’m not saying you need to give them nipples or arm hair, or even drill in holes for nostrils, but get diverse and stay diverse. Make them real in that way. Don’t make all your Barbies look like those new H&M ads, you know, where the models bodies were made by a computer and colored to fit the races andĀ ethnicitiesĀ of the models models’ faces?

The next time someone walks into a room and says, “Hey, you look like a Barbie my child has”, I want no one in the room to be able to figure out who that person if referring to. That’s the kind of diversity I want.

Oh, and also, Mattel, “Glam-paign”… really? Have you not caused or added to (not going to do the chicken or the egg math on that one) enough beauty standard, body image, and self-esteem issues already, that you are now making it your platform? If that’s that case, I think you need a new campaign director…

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